Blonic is a completely original character created by Joe (known at the time as Ukinojoe). In addition, he is the host of the educational children's television series Blonic Sez, and the founder of Blonic the Restaurant. Unlike the other characters on this wiki, he is adored by everyone, because he is the most original Sonic the Hedgehog OC of them all, even more so than Sonic himself. It is currently unknown whether or not Blonic is actually a hedgehog, or just a fat man in a suit.

Powers Edit

  • Inflating (albeit involuntarily)

Likes Edit

  • Selling T-Shirts
  • Chicken Poppers
  • Teaching important life lessons
  • Commenting on Joe's videos
  • Expressing himself and his originality
  • Blonic the Restaurant

Dislikes Edit

  • Being mistaken for Sonic
  • Inexplicably inflating
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Smoking
  • Giving cigarettes to children

Friends Edit

Blonic is friends with Blails, another original character. Blonic was formerly friends with Bluckles, as he tried to convince him to fight with him and Blails against Dr. Eggman in Blonic 2. However, this friendship would later end as Blonic attacked Bluckles in an episode of Blonic Sez for giving Blails cigarettes (which he denied doing).

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