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He is another autistic cancerous Sonicfag that shitposts about Mario and other games. His posts are fucking cancer and he is the resurrection of the faggotry Ronic was. He likes to post weird fucking fandoms about sonic and DBZ. The worst of it all he calls females "whores" and "faggots" clearly he should kill himself. And some one else is editing this wiki about hen-*throws up* dont say his name or you'll get herpes,stds,HIV,cancer, ect. And if the knock offs are reading this, go fuck yourselves. Clearly you should grow the fuck up and stop being faggots fapping to werid fucking fandoms. Now shove a used condom up your asses or use a dirty needle and die alone-sincerly pyscho or pysco. But hey, unfollow, raid his base with spam. And well idk shit on him. He says he hates DBZ but his PFP is a fucking super saiyan hedgehog and he posted a cancerous pic of Sonic impregnating Pan like WTF. wtf meowmax stop being such a faggot

Trivia Edit

  • Some people think he is a troll.
  • According to his life story, his girlfriend accidentally got pregnant and does not want to get an abortion. And somehow, sonic brought him light.... WTF
  • He is a Ronic wannabe.
  • He says he is a hacker.
  • He hates Bronies, Fnaggots, Emos, Anime, Fire Emblem, Mario, Kid Icarus, Megaman, and practically anything that isn't Sonic.
  • ALL the artwork he posts is stolen from Deviantart.
  • He is "going through his last college semester in studying copyright law." (IRonic, isn't it.)
  • He says he is an adult but it is been leaked he is 12 years old by accident.
  • He made a post admitting he was bisexual while joining a MLP community to raid.
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